Who are your customers?

Personalized offerings are mushrooming these days. We know from the consumer products market that nearly every offering can be targeted to meet our interests, color preferences, music taste, and travelling style. We also know that consumers expect a targeted offering!

Are you distilling the service preferences of the 32-year old business traveler being truly eco-minded, spending rather 20% more on travel budget and time than compromising public transportation?

Or are you looking for the sports enthusiasts who want to combine daily commutes to nearby customers with their running plans for the marathon next year - looking for a digital service that proposes inter-modal connections and comforts them with recreation zones along their commuting routes to get showered and dressed-up for the business meetings?

The Persona Setcards

From the examples above we see that many distinct aspects of a persona’s preferences needs to be captured. We concluded that a persona profiling tool such as our Persona Setcards will serve multi-fold.

Consistency drives success

Is your digital strategy consistent when targeting specific buyer personas? In digital times, service and solution providers, startups and established businesses need a comprehensive tool that eases the identification of their customers and preferences:

  • they ask for a persona being not only subject to an initial design thinking workshop

  • they seek to carry on with the identified persona in the upcoming scrum phases, field tests, etc.

  • they need to simplify design-to-deployment and hereby minimize innovation management, coordination, marketing and development efforts.

The Persona Setcards drive consistency in your digitization efforts as long as you make use of them and pass them own to the team members, colleagues, and peers.


  • The Persona Setcards are a great source of inspiration. You find examples of personas, distinct elements and attributes that will turn creativity on from the first use.

  • As pre-formatted cards the Persona Setcards help gather consumers’ preferences instantly and capture analogue and digital needs!

  • You give consistency back to your organization: the Persona Setcards with your very own input serve immediately as a communicator among designers, project teams, developers, and decision makers. And scrum teams find a helpful hand to look into personas’ behavior and not lose sight of relevant features and fixes.

  • Next to the preferences we embedded the element of the physical and digital mindsets into the card design. You are now able to distinguish decisions of your identified personas by physical age and the mental age!

  • Ultimately, you and your teams create your very own edition!

market study

Streamlining the process from design to deployment, we conducted a comprehensive market research. We looked into the various aspects of consumers’ behavior, decision making preferences, and attributes. Hereby, we added the notion of organizations and assessed various offerings in distinct geographies. It was our aim to take a look onto the other side of the coin: what happens when intelligent devices and tools - matured by artificial intelligence - continue to decide on their own what to consume and when? How do entire spaces such as a city or production sites express their needs and preferences? There are other types of personas out there: spaces, things, transportation and other kind of means.

We distilled the key characteristics of human, organizational, and non-human decision making and preferencing. We encountered a number of hints why we as human beings opt for or against an offering. And we conducted a requirements analysis for non-human personas. Successful transformation projects will be ones that are precise and detailed enough to assess the key characteristics of individuals, organizations, things, spaces, and means. A further finding made us aware of the three phases of decision making.


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