55 Persona Setcards Box (English) (NOW AVAILABLE)


55 Persona Setcards Box (English) (NOW AVAILABLE)


Content: 55 cards

  • Language: English

  • Introducing the relevance of digitization

  • Quick guide

  • Pre-formatted cards to create individual personas helping to answer the following key questions in times of digital transformation and networked economies

    • Who are your customers?

    • What is the mindset of your customers?

  • 5 Affirmation cards with distinct motifs

  • 55 Pre-formatted cards to create your very own relevant personas in times of digital transformation. We make use of six categories: individuals and groups, organizations, things, means, spaces, and mindset.

  • You find a creative setup on the cards and ease of use of the characteristics.

Packaging and card quality:

  • The cards are made of high-quality material and offer a pleasant feel.

  • The cards are delivered in a high-quality, attractive and stable box.

  • Box size: 17.5 cm x 13 cm x 3.8 cm

  • Setcard size: 14.8 cm x 10.5 cm (DIN A6)

  • Swissmade: Persona Setcards; Made in Germany: Box

  • Delivery within 1 week after order entry

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The Persona Setcards Box is the right tool for you and your team members - whether in the office, the project room or on the road!

The Persona Setcards complement your innovation and transformation projects and digitization efforts from the first minute of use!

They are suitable for your project teams, application developers and designers, innovation and marketing experts, workshop moderators, consultants, start-ups and those who deal with the topic of digitization and innovation in student projects.

The Persona Setcards support project teams in all phases from design to development, whether Scrum or classic, in field tests and Living Labs, in co-innovation projects together with partners and solution providers.

Things to know

  • Pre-formatted cards contain in addition playful representations of the six categories on the front, which are easy to use in workshops, project work and student research.

  • The Mindset cards for example use a sophisticated grid to capture characteristics and influencing factors that your personas encounter. Individual criteria can be easily supplemented directly on the card.

  • Ease of writing onto the cards.

  • Each card can be easily personalized and individually numbered.

  • Each card can be easily linked to other cards through an ID link.

  • The Persona Setcards are ease-of-use in workshops:

    • An ingeniously simple solution allows the cards to be used directly on the pinboard.

    • The cards can be easily combined with post-its and other moderation cards and tools - even on brownpaper!