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We show you how to learn the power of “Ecosystems Thinking”

Experience our expertise in consulting, workshops, in in-house seminars or in a 2-days assessment, a webinar or through a speaker engagement!

HERE ARE some examples of you work us and we work with you:

  • Ecosystem Analysis Projects

  • Actor Identification and Engagement Project

  • Digital Design and Deployment of business and governmental relationships in a city or any other form of network

  • Digital Transformation Execution

  • Transformation Manual - a practical guide applied in the workshop

  • Identification of the Citizen and Business Service Portfolio

  • Organizational Impact of New Technologies (Robots, Bots, AI, ML, Digital Twin, etc.)

  • Large Scale Open Space Workshops and Audience Engagements

  • Multi-sided Business Modeling Workshops

Starting Point: THE 2-DAYS WORKSHOP

Gain insights in the how-to, design, planning and conduct of ecosystems assessments in your environment. Learn about Ecosystems elements and project planning and how to apply them to your specific situation. 

We work with Design Thinking and other creativity techniques.

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