What makes hotel services unique? The ones who travel judge. We judge on quality features such as design and architectural features, meeting the L3 (location - location - location) expectation, the restaurant offering fresh, local and hopefully a good variety of vegeterian and vegan cuisine, the cleanness of the rooms, friendliness of the reception personnel, the functioning of the elevator and if the ordered room service was convincing enough to order it another day or night, too.

What is left for a unique, wow-like offering? The 25h Hotel Altes Hafenamt (the former Harbor's Masters Office) ( and especially room #147 (the former office of the Harbor Master) in the Port of Hamburg gave me a sneak preview in the recently re-opened hotel and room: it is a bike and a bike-tailored bag! It resides in the room - available selectively for the ones who book #147!


So what is the secret about the ecosystem in here? It is the combination of individual service providers and taking them beyond the known relationships: two suppliers turn the service provider (the hotel) into a companion to lift up the unique experience in the utmost environmental friendly manner. Why is that? Read below.

So here they are: the bike company and agency TwoWheelsGood ( from Hamburg and Canvasco, a Bremen-based brand re-fashioning used sails ( Canvasco turns remaining, not fitting fabric into a bag-to-fit-the-bike that is small enough to make use of remainders and practicable enough to fit onto the bike with some extra features - and it looks good, too - moreover it adverts the hotel through the 25h logo.

I asked the hotel for another favor. I like to get one of these bike-bags: with pinkish letters for my girls bike at home!

Happy Exploring !