About me


My name is Barbara Flügge and I am a farsighted and acting business adviser. I set trends and apply technologies, solutions, methods, and concepts for organizations, teams and industry experts. Holistic advisory is in my DNA and I started with the introduction of integration management for digitization and change projects many years ago.

After successful strategy, design and implementation projects in various industries and geographies around the world, I initiated “ecosystems thinking”: innovative companies will be dissolving industry orientations and becoming service providers in systems-designed network-designed business systems and urban systems. Even better, every company, every project has a chance to use digital and innovation new media skillfully and to grow in a value-adding way. The foundation of digital value creators (DVC) is the natural consequence.

I concentrate on advising, designing, developing, speaking and training in three specific segments: value-adding strategy implementation (Prepare and Perform), services as a sales and growth instrument (Diversify and Multiply), change management & competence training tools and knowledge transfer (Tools and Transfer).

I started my career while studying business management and applied sciences. I worked for several institutes and companies such as Siemens. Having worked for local and international companies such as Grundig, Arthur Andersen, Ariba and SAP, it enriched my mobility, thinking and acting in multi-cultural, onsite and digital geographies for public authorities, companies, cities and innovation programs.

While working I decided to undertake my PhD from Tilburg University, Netherlands with a dedicated focus on business-to-government business networks and the role of standardization in international trade.

Knowledge transfer and dissemination, sharing and coaching are key instruments in my work. I am a bestselling author and editor on smart mobility, smart city, ecosystem design and service process models. Watch out for the books and tools. The shop section tells more about how work than every article. Join now and start your journey!